Under the table
Carlo Benvenuto is an Italian artist living in Milan.
He photographs quite ordinary things such as a cup of tea on a table or a glass of milk.
The 'still lives' are infused with a Baroque sensibility that undermines the superficial order of the objects. The odd overflowing glass or bic pen top make their presence known, breaking surface appearances and questioning reason and assumption.
The photographic work informs the artist's oil paintings and sculptures where similar themes are expressed in different formats and materials.

"Today I feel like staying at home. There are some leftovers in the refrigerator. I'll eat them and then take a nap. I'll tidy up later. I shake out the crumbs from the tablecloth. I fluff up the couch cushions. I dust down the shelves and library. I start up the vacuum cleaner and run it along the corridors, into the rooms, under the furniture, and clean out the corners with the nozzle extension. I put the books in order, sort out my notes, my negatives as well as the photos. I make the bed. I put the chairs in the sitting room in order. I clean out and polish the bathtub, the basin, and the mirror with coloured detergents. I wash the dishes and clean out the stove. I fall back into the couch. I glance under the table. Laying on the carpet there is a blue pen top."
Carlo Benvenuto

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