What if..?
“I think of my practice as an interstitial activity. I am interested in the limits of the self as well as networks (language, emotions, material...) without which one neither exists as ‘self’ or ‘person’.”

ELS was designed in the event that my son and I became homeless. It is a portable system which converts any of the large ornamental landscape trees in West Los Angeles into a safe, private, and luxurious home. It folds into a backpack, and has built-in features like windows, a desk, sleeping bag and a roof.”

(Photodocumentation: Emergency Living System (ELS) for Jane and Rain, 1998)

Jane Tsong lives and works in Los Angeles. She recently exhibited an installation ‘The utterfall’ at the New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles. The installation consisted of hand-made conveyer belts and a shredding machine which created a ‘snowstorm’ of old magazines from the ceiling. The proposition was to provoke the viewer into a reaction. The artist has executed several installations and performances based on “what if...” circumstances to explore a question of limits.

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